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Time is your most valuable asset, yet on its own it is not enough. Wealth gives us all choices. We can all be wealthy with the correct knowledge, support and action.

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Discovery Pack

Simply choose 2 additional income streams and discover your preferred route to wealth.

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Cash-Flow Accelerator Pack

The average millionaire has seven streams of income, if that is what you want then this is for you.

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Multiple Income Stream Mastery Pack

It is not what you earn but rather what you keep. Master advanced techniques to make more money, waste less on liabilities and expenses and pay less tax: legally.

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At Touchstone we are passionate believers that property is the best investment strategy in the world.

PROPERTY INVESTING IS FOR EVERYONE not just the privileged few.

Quickly discover strategies to invest without using your own money.

Implement potent techniques fast to protect and grow your savings safe from the ravages of inflation and all time low interest rates.

Do the work once, sit back and enjoy your wealth growing.

Knowledge + Action = Power


Get your expenses under control and make savings the norm to power your property empire. This delightfully simple to follow and use course will make money your servant not your master.

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“When You Invest In Property You Are Buying The Day You No Longer Work”

Paul Smith

"SERVICED ACCOMMODATION BOOTCAMP: I've just completed this course and can highly recommend to anyone wanting to get into Service Accomodation. It is a clear and concise system that allows you to build your business from scratch slowly and properly and also to scale and grow it in time. An excellent resource and well worth the investment for anyone as the course can be consumed at any pace and at any time to fit around you. Highly recommend !"

Lee Haury
25 April 2018

"BOOKING.COM INSIDER SECRETS: Another great module with lots of practical, easy to implement steps for improving guests' experience. Really impressed with the analytics tools on the platform - as well as Terrie and Paul's wealth of knowledge:)"

Isabel Ross-Edwards
13 October 2018

"SERVICED ACCOMMODATION BOOTCAMP - EXCELLENT: Best online course I have ever taken, maybe even the first! A model for better university teaching!!"

Laurence Dewhurst
06 September 2018

"Excellent - The course will take you through everything you need to know, even for the absolute beginner as I am. "

Darren Witcomb
14 March 2018

"SERVICED ACCOMMODATION LEGALS SIMPLIFIED: This was really excellent - So many angles and legalities I wouldn't have had a clue about - It took me about 2 hours to watch as I kept stopping to Google the various terms - which you covered in the Q&A session at the end, anyway. Many thanks!"

Isabel Ross-Edwards
12 October 2018

"CAPITAL ALLOWANCES: No if's but's or maybe's - Capital allowances should be the eight wonder of the world for the wealth building entrepreneur Simply genius - actionable and do-able content sprinkled with nuggets of gold! "

Tony Carter
18 June 2019

"REN TO RENT (R2R) BASICS: Informative , well structured , nice open style , lots of practical advice "

Farah Hussain
03 April 2019

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