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Wealth Through Property

Kickstart your journey to financial freedom with the UK's leading 2-day property investment training course. Introducing


Wealth Academy

The Wealth Academy is designed to help you sharpen your business and grow your revenue, while creating long term property assets that


Wealth Appraisal

Is your money working for you – or is it being eaten away by inflation, poor-performing investments and higher costs of living?


"Thanks to the Touchstone Team. The property leverage course I attended was packed with valuable information and insight - my note taking skills were definitely tested! Such great content and worth every penny."

Vicki Wonders
Property Investor

"I took Touchstone Education's advanced wealth through property course and it completely changed the way I approach investing. It gave me a deeper understanding of the market, allowing me to identify opportunities faster and make more informed decisions with my buy-to-let business. This course has opened up so many doors for me and I'm confident that I'm on track for long-term success."

Alex Taylor

"Amazing, amazing, amazing! Valuable, quality and enlightening property training that possesses the potential to change the trajectory of your life. Paul and Aniko Smith and the whole team...warm, friendly and genuine. If you are truly interested and passionate about becoming a property investor, I would highly recommend it."

Sonia Myles-Macauley
Property Investor

"With support and knowledge from Touchstone Education, just over two months of training I am now in a position to fully retire."

Alan Jaques
Property Investor

"Thank you so much to every single person at Touchstone, you are all a complete inspiration and it is so refreshing to surround myself with winners."

Angus Young
Property Investor

"Since my Touchstone journey I've raised £520,000 in joint venture finance."

Mary Cullun
Property Investor

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